Frequently Asked Questions



WE USE NREL SAM to model your solar system. It is regarded as the best in the world. Initially created for the United states government to design power plants, it is now PUBLICLY available for all solar projects.


Will my solar system work in the winter?

Yes! Solar PV (photovoltaics)  will work all winter long. While it is true that there are less sunpeak hours in the winter time, The NREL SAM program factors all of that into its calculations.


How much will I save?

Savings from any solar system depends on many factors making each home unique. Our Solar specialists review the reports that are tailored to your home and situation.


What is the Carbon Tax

A Carbon tax is a fee imposed on the burning of carbon-based fuels (coal, oil, gas). More to the point: a carbon tax is the core policy for reducing and eventually eliminating the use of fossil fuels whose combustion is DESTABILIZING and destroying our climate.