"Carbon Tax program on 'Dirty Energy' like coal, gas and oil beginning in 2019.

Smart Meters begin installations 2019 and will be installed province wide by 2020.

Nova Scotia Power will announce their next Rate Stability Plan IN 2019.

There has never been a better time to Go Solar!"


Nova Scotian's pay among the highest retail electricity prices in the country.

While wind energy has been well supported in the province, solar energy has been less promoted.

Fortunately, the province is taking steps to reduce its reliance on coal and setting a renewable energy target of 40% by 2020.

Some assessments estimate the solar electric potential for Nova Scotia to be on the order of 50 megawatts.

Nova Scotia is a grid parity province, making solar power cheaper than the residential utility rates.This spells good news for solar out east!

Solar Tax Credits, Incentives and Solar Rebates in Nova Scotia

Photo-voltaic demand vs WEO predictions, year over year