Smart Meters (Time of Day or TOD)

The installation of the meters will start on a pilot basis in late 2018, with full ROLL OUT beginning in 2019.

All of the meters should be installed by the end of 2020.

TOD charges different prices for electricity depending on what time of the day it is.

During peak consumption periods (the day), higher rates are charged to entice people not to consume electricity at these times and use during off-peak (typically after 7pm)

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What NSP is saying

Smart meters will make your life a little easier. They’ll help us get power back on faster because we’ll know immediately when service is interrupted.

We won’t need to estimate your bill if we can’t access your meter after a big snowstorm.

You’ll be able to go online to see exactly when you are using energy every day – no need to wait for your bill.

SMART Meters

What is also being said

Since NS Power pays more for power at peak times and less at off-peak times, they adjust

your bill to reflect when you use your power. The consumer will pay most at peak times, which is during the day.

One purpose of the meter from power corps point of view is to train people to make maximum use of off peak generating times.

In jurisdictions that have these meters, people have experienced huge hikes in their bills; double or morE.