The Solar City Program

the Solar City program  is administered by the Halifax Regional Municipality (HRM) and is designed to remove the major barriers for getting a solar energy system. 

 Through a voluntary Local Improvement Charge, the municipality will cover the upfront capital costs of installing a solar energy system, with the property owner re-paying over a 10-year term at a fixed rate of 4.75%. In addition to financing, the municipality provides an independent third party review of all proposed solar energy systems to ensure that the selected contractor:


• has third party liability insurance and is in good standing with the Workers Compensation board
• has applied for a mandatory municipal solar building permit, complete with an engineering stamped structural analysis

• has applied for a mandatory electrical permit which will ensure the system is going to be installed per the Canadian Electrical Code
• is supplying certified equipment for use in Nova Scotia

• has supplied feasibility assessment that is accurate

There is no up-front cost, no credit check, it doesn’t count as a debt serviced, stays with the property should you sell, doesn’t increase property taxes and 1st year interest free*

Eligible property owners include:


  • Private residences
  • Not for profits
  • Places of worship
  • Charities


For more information on the program, please visit, or







*The first  installment is due six weeks after the invoicing date, interest free